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Search Engine Optimization – Important Tips For a Successful SEO Campaign

Search engine marketing is a engrossing industry and can be very amusing. But I think most SEO Consultants in Phoenix would agree that there are many aspects of Search Engine Optimization that are difficult to understand at times even though you may have great experience in this field. Well this is not the review that would discuss all of those difficult aspects of SEO but the things that are easy to understand.

The first point that I think that is very easy to understand and this is called “keyword density”. This refers to the fact that the number of times a given keyword or a phrase appears in your web content as compared to the total number of words in the article is crucial and this is something that you should carefully consider. If you follow the guidelines set by the search engines you can be sure that your article would meet their criteria. This means more keywords and phrases. This can be a source of fun but it definitely should be done carefully since it can make all the difference when you appear in the search results.

The other thing that is very easy to understand,is “PageRank” from Google. PageRank is a number given to every page on the Internet and it is based on the total number of links that is points back to your webpage. The more links that point back to your page that is with high PageRank will be higher. In fact that would also be good for your search rankings because it would be better optimized. However if the links are with poor quality or not even PageRank would be relevant and you would appear in the search results.

In summary I think these are the aspects that can be important for you to understand.